Our Services
  • Sea, Air & land transportation.
  • Ocean And Air freight.
  • Customs Clearance.
  • Transit Cargo.
  • Insurance Policies For Cargo.
  • All Customs Services.
Ocean Freight

Our company with the cooperation reputable maritime lines, acts as agents to transport export and import goods of all kinds and volumes. Refrigerator containers- Flat rack- common containers , boxes ,bale- equipments- product lines), that is from harbors Alexandria. Demietta- Port Said Swez Ain Sokhna.

Our company undertakes mooring the vessels to transport bulky goods of specific status for example un exclusively (tin rolling). Also tying in consignments from abroad after receiving it from the supplier and delivering it to the client customs duty- free.

Our company transport exported and imported parcels by air transport, acts as an agent for air lines companies.

Our company carryout the land transport by the company's transport means- transport the containers of all types, bulk parcels, petroleum pipes and equipments (provides securities).

Provides necessary maritime and customs securities. Exports Bulk goods from Alexandria and Demietta Ports to all over world harbors.

Air Freight

We perform the air shipping through our offices in Cairo and Alexandria and our agents abroad, and we preserve areas for the valued and hazard materials.

Air freight is fast-moving, challenging and constantly changing – it’s the nature of the business. Around the globe capacity and demand can change in the blink of an eye so it’s essential to have a partner who provides stability and reliability to maintain your supply chain’s total integrity.


Providing transit service Carry out inspection, examination and provide necessary securities from our private accounts.

With our wide in-house knowledge and external partners, we offer tailor-made customs clearance services for export, import and transit trade in major transport hubs where we are represented.


Our company carryout discharging the bulky goods from the vessels cargo deck or by specific unloading means.

We have qualified crews to follow up the tin shipment lading and petroleum pipes from vessels cargo deck directly to the transport means, then to the work sites.


The company provides transport service for containers of all kinds and various volumes (refrigerators, open top- high cube flat rack).

Using Eastern Logistics Transportation and Logistics solutions you can systematically balance supply chain logistics management and strategies with customer required policies.


The company carry out the clearance of the imported consignments on the basis final import and the halted, from and to the free zones drawback- temporary permission for product lines, capital, intermediary and consumptive goods.

The company perform the clearance and release for all supplies to the foreign consulates and embassies.

Follows modernalized method for providing our services which the company implement through its qualified crew.

We carryout the clearance for all the consignments imported and exported from Egypt air ports and boundaries entrance.