About Us


Our company for maritime and customs services has been founded since 1979. At the beginning of 80s, the company's activity has been expanded to include all other maritime and customs services.

Our company undertakes the representation of the reputable corporations and foreign embassies in Egypt with distinctive way and on a high level.

Recently, our clients comprises one of the famous manufactories in assembling cars. Also, we deal with the biggest complex for intermediary metal industries in the Middle East (3 reputable plants).

In addition, our transactions with the most important companies for petroleum excavation, prospection and production in Egypt.

Companies for gold prospection, for castings industries, and for exporting P.V.C. Our believe that our business in this field shall not be limited under certain level, but it requires development and improvement to comply with the global trade trends, made us a member of the international freight fork (FIATA).

We have agents in many Arab countries, U.S., China, India and Germany. We started updating our services in: Linking shipment service door to door and Customs consultation service.